Big Cuddly Cat

The cat that featured on the home page on an older version of the website is one of mine.  She was rehomed in 2006 and the vet thought she might be about 8 years old at the time.  She had been found in a terrible state – skin & bones, hardly any fur and half a tail.  She spent over a year going between the RSPCA and the vets.  Eventually she just lived at the vets in the hospital part.  She would be allowed out to play after hours.  It had transpired that she had a skin condition that made her scratch lumps out of her own face.  So not only was she living in a cage she had one of those ‘lampshade’ collars on all the time.  But as she was such a lovely girl she was looked after well and all sorts of tests were carried out on her to find out what her problem was.  She was known as ‘Scabbers’ because of her scabby skin.

She came to live with us and we renamed her Jade, another semi precious gem like Amber.  Within a few weeks she could spend time out of her ‘lampshade’.  Eventually it was off all the time.  Then suddenly she had a relapse and had to wear it again for many months.  In the meantime we had established a combined dose of flea treatment, steroids and Piriton that seemed to keep her skin under control.  Her fur had grown back and she was a happy girl.

One day I realised that every time she went to scratch the ‘lampshade’ someone would come running to stop her.  I wondered if the scratching was an attention seeking method rather than an itch?  So the lampshade came off and sure enough if she wants something she ‘threatens’ to scratch herself but doesn’t.

She is talkative, sociable and loves meeting people almost as much as she loves sunbathing.  The only problem is the steroids have made her into a big girl.  Anyone who meets her is surprised and then has to be told the story.  I don’t over feed my pets 😉

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