Hedgehog Care

Hedgehog Care is Lincolnshire’s famous little hedgehog hospital.  It is run by Elaine Drewery on her own with a few volunteers who help when they can.  As hedgehogs are now an endangered species her work is more important than ever.

Elaine started Hedgehog Care in 1980 and a sign at the hospital says “I’m not very posh” because all her pension money is spent on hedgehogs.  She relies on donations but does not like to ask for money.

♥ It costs about 40p a day to feed a hedgehog.
♥ Elaine can have between 50 and 200+ hedgehogs in her care at any one time.
♥ Elaine spends about £300 a month on Vet bills.
♥ Elaine spends about £100 a month on taxis which collect the hedgehogs people cannot or will not take to her.
♥ Other costs for running the hospital include stocks of medication, heating, telephone bills and an endless need for toilet paper!

To help the hedgehogs in Elaine’s care you can:

♥ Visit the Hedgehog Care website and make a donation.
♥ Visit the Hedgehog Care FaceBook page and ‘Like’ it to spread the word.
♥ Visit the Hedgehog Care Google+ page and ‘+1’ it.
♥ Visit the Hedgehog Care LinkedIn page and share it.
♥ Visit the Hedgehog Care YouTube Channel and share it.
♥ Attend a fundraising event, see the website for details.
♥ Do your online shopping through easyfundraising.org.uk via this link and a percentage of sales goes directly to Hedgehog Care.

To help hedgehogs in general remember:

♥ Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals so if you find one in the daytime it means they are in trouble
♥ If they do not bother to curl up into a ball they are not tame but ill
♥  Hedgehogs eat cat food, dog food, pet biscuits and mealworms
♥ Bread and milk are not good for hedgehogs and give them diarrhoea which dehydrates them and causes further health problems
♥ Hedgehogs are poisoned by slug pellets and weed killer sprays

If you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs in your garden please do what you can to look after them!



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